Things I want to talk to a therapist about

How to stop stress-eating and boredom-eating when I feel a lack of direction, a lull in momentum. My family issues. I've got plenty! We're dysfunctional af. Why it always feels like I am spinning my I spreading myself too thin because my curiosity quotient is counterproductively high. Ooo what's this? What's that? What's the... Continue Reading →

Dim Flow

Sure'y you've experienced the romance, oh yes— somewhere in your mind imagined but you've only forgotten about time passing linear, left to right— but some equivalent feeling to that of a lone saxophonist gracing the streets with swathes of sweet sound, a muralist dripping sensual, velvety red tenor into the void, or, so far as another... Continue Reading →

30 Things I’ve been thinking about

Stream of consciousness/largely unfiltered blog posts Walking around without a tiny computer in my pocket (leaving that shit at home like a house phone) and what that means in terms of not hiding from the uncomfortable, non-normative behavior of sitting in public and not doing anything. You weirdo! You heathen, loiterer, slacker, perv, overly interested... Continue Reading →

Late Bloomer/Quick Learner

Oh, I AM strange. It hits you on your rump like a teasing whip or a belt or a paddle. Suddenly, someone opens your head and pulls out some missing, misconnected or defective cords and you switch on. OH. THIS is how it is. THIS is how I am supposed to be, but I've been... Continue Reading →

Sunday Afternoon

Hot flesh searing on the back of my neck it dissipates quickly and letting go is the only way I’ll get past and to the bottom of it It feels like I am morphing while my friends are moving, coming and going I look into the mirror and there are swathes of reddened skin on... Continue Reading →

The Fox and I

I cannot resist the bushy fiend, both friend and foe because First it prods, it kneads, it scratches, and then it digs, claws aglow with seeming psychoactive properties diffusing into my veins. I've been given this freakish fox made of rainbow stardust that follows me wherever I go and like some kind of chaotic symbiosis,... Continue Reading →


Hey, So, The thing about it is I wish that I could tame that hit of dopamine, that pitter-patter stew of adrenaline-norepinephrine in my brain because it makes me kinda sappy and it makes me kinda lame. I really feel ya, ya know? You really make me feel something, And I know you know you... Continue Reading →


With a blueberry-grape flavored hoop orbiting my waist, I’m dancing Up in my garden waving insanely into the neighbor’s yard. I see the bees buzzing low; they have a glistening coat, A transparent trench of hairs, slender wings operating smoothly, Relaxed in the flow of the winding grasses, while clovers kiss the fair light of... Continue Reading →

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