The Fox and I

I cannot resist the bushy fiend, both friend and foe because First it prods, it kneads, it scratches, and then it digs, claws aglow with seeming psychoactive properties diffusing into my veins. I've been given this freakish fox made of rainbow stardust that follows me wherever I go and like some kind of chaotic symbiosis,... Continue Reading →


Hey, So, The thing about it is I wish that I could tame that hit of dopamine, that pitter-patter stew of adrenaline-norepinephrine in my brain because it makes me kinda sappy and it makes me kinda lame. I really feel ya, ya know? You really make me feel something, And I know you know you... Continue Reading →


With a blueberry-grape flavored hoop orbiting my waist, I’m dancing Up in my garden waving insanely into the neighbor’s yard. I see the bees buzzing low; they have a glistening coat, A transparent trench of hairs, slender wings operating smoothly, Relaxed in the flow of the winding grasses, while clovers kiss the fair light of... Continue Reading →

Surprise Tinder Lover (A Short Story)

When you wrapped yourself around me, I felt a gust of atoms combine with mine instantly, Falling into me like a gentle avalanche, Or a settling of dust on a distant moon, Colliding madly but nonetheless made of you, this, Somehow spaced out into eternity, At the finish line of our planetary lives, In this... Continue Reading →


In shapes of civil signs on capitol lawns, the story of America frames itself in my mind’s eye, making love to anxiety-ridden news reports, like with these tiny signs against orders we somehow think we hold the reigns, like the radio tuned in is neatly winding up these fiery fried noodles of radicals and fundamentalists,... Continue Reading →


Being around you is like a Saturday morning stroll To brunch, a smiling stirring welling up Through my core, as water to a faucet, Looking for a yard or a birdbath to attend to; or spicy Smoke in a sinuous tobacco pipe, longing to be inhaled. Honestly, I’ve lost myself before in holograms of people... Continue Reading →


Two riders enter over the low dunes, straying as aimless ants might. They dot lightly the dune’s sensuous contours, Seeming to crawl over them with pendulous steadfastness. Snug pack saddles clinging to snake-like muscles, They seemed to possess some kind of ancient knowledge, as if at any moment they would paint in the sands runic... Continue Reading →

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