10 realizations in becoming Minimalist.


Approaching week 3 into becoming a minimalist and I have acquired some knowledge with the process that I would like to share:

  1. You’re going to realize you have too many hobbies.
    1. In my experience, most hobbies seem interesting. And some of us, myself included, picked up a habit along the way of trying every single one I could. I tried knitting, crochet, graffiti, you name it. Not only was I unconsciously attempting to be a renaissance woman, I was setting myself up to, not necessarily fail, but to skim the surface of each, to spread oneself too thin. Becoming minimalist is a meditation in this. And in your mind you may begin to realize certain hobbies no longer fit you as a person or others take more priority. That is okay. Just move forward.
  2. In having too many hobbies, you’re probably going to realize you spent hundreds of dollars on stuff you never used related to those hobbies. 
    1. Don’t panic. The way I rationalize this in my head is, yes, I may have wasted hours and hours of my life earning the money to buy the objects I didn’t use and ultimately outgrew, but there is always the beauty of donating. Let yourself feel some compassion for yourself and simply repurpose the old intentions of accumulating that stuff into the new intention of giving it to someone who otherwise couldn’t afford it. See, we’re changing the world already.
  3. On a positive note, you’re suddenly going to SEE everything you own. You might not be down to 33 items, but you’ll see the books you haven’t read that you still desire to read. 
    1. I realized that i’m not going to use stuff I can’t see on a regular basis. That makes sense, right? We have so many obligations and deadlines in day to day life. It’s going to be real easy to forget about those trekking poles hiding in the back of your closet. Solution? Reduce what you think you need and you’ll be left with stuff you will constantly be reminded of using.
  4. You’re going to feel real, raw and inspired. 
    1. You’re not buying into anyone else’s idea of what your physical space should look like except your own! That’s inspiring in it’s own right. It may lead down other avenues, creative, perhaps? Like starting a blog  or starting a new approach to practicing piano (that’s for another post).
  5. You’re going to feel like a better person, honestly.
    1. Sure, we all deceive ourselves and others in small ways everyday, unconsciously or not, but being really honest with yourself ultimately feels good. It’s for the better.
  6. Your friends are going to be curious and explaining it to them will reinforce wanting to continue on the path to minimalism.
    1. A few of my friends have told me that they recently watched the minimalist documentary on Netflix (there are other documentaries, by the way).
  7. It sort of turns into a game…that takes a while, a few weeks, at least.
    1. I had a big purge and then another small one and then another one today. I am left with far less laundry to do, my piano keyboard, a bookshelf with about 50 books (far better than my previous 103!). How do you tell if there are more games to play? Well, you’ll notice that as you give your stuff away, internally, you don’t feel that much different. We tend to have a lot of fear..oh, but how will I ever give this up and not have constant access to the Harry Potter series…trust me, there’s a library near you where you can check it out. Now donate it and get to living your dream.
  8. You’re going to have more energy because you have more time and less expenditure on mundane tasks.
    1. Every second of the day counts, you know.
  9. You’re going to simultaneously feel more control over your life and liberated.
    1. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel in control of your own life as long as it doesn’t impede your ability or anyone else’s to actually live your life.
  10. You will feel a lucidity and lightness you probably haven’t felt since your childhood.

I like the motto of the minimalists documentary on Netflix: “Love people and use things because the opposite never works.”

Have a simple week.

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