Surprise Tinder Lover (A Short Story)

When you wrapped yourself around me,

I felt a gust of atoms combine with mine instantly,

Falling into me like a gentle avalanche,

Or a settling of dust on a distant moon,

Colliding madly but nonetheless made of you, this,

Somehow spaced out into eternity,

At the finish line of our planetary lives,

In this little slice of rural universe inside your trailer,

This pastoral oasis untainted aside the endless day of city nights.

Outside, the Doppler flashes of headlights

trail across the pale blue veneer of the shallow walls inside.

And your hair hangs down above me like a forest of vines

And I’m looking up through these branches

and seeing the sky looking back at me,

enveloping our space and framing us

in our childlike fascination,

in those entrancing states as you permeate

my many layers, and I tell you in just soft rotations

That I was once a small deaf dove

mistaking underpass traps for apertures to a lover’s soul,

lured in by seeming moonbeams,

enticed by what looked like Hollywood searchlights,

because I couldn’t

or didn’t want to, hear the hissing heap of snakes across the threshold,

and even then,

a constellation of gleaming scales was all I could admit

until I was bitten,

but that was a time of my life’s creaking clock rolled back,

many ticks away, hands spun counterclockwise

so many times over you’d think I was just keeping track

of cosmic coordinates on some gigantic map

of places marked off with big red tacks where I didn’t find you.

That was a time with rosier veils

obscuring the shine of my divine carousel.

In its rotations I saw a newcomer with bravura,

Porcelain proportions of a stallion with a lion’s mane,

And you its ringmaster about the spiraling golden cane.

Ours was a racetrack to love.

Hours outside our silence growing,

I think maybe now I am knowing

that it’s not so wise to fly out the starting gate

that its best to stop knocking spectators from their seats

before we’re sure the game will end complete.

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