Minimalism is not a doctrine of egoism or animism, nor is it really a doctrine, a belief, a lifestyle…it is what you want it to be, individually. All I know is my mental waters are now still, but I am still free to grow river lilies wherever I may be. Just maybe it pertains to functionalism or Gnosticism. It could be close to ignorantism, eliminating cool amenities for the sake of simplicity (so you can get around to writing blogs like this one). Perhaps it branches from some mentalism. One might say its something like asceticism, but I’m not so sure; I don’t feel like I am denying myself anything that matters, but that’s an individual matter too.

Minimalism to me is…

Giving threads I don’t need to those who don’t have a coat for the cold nights

My bare-bones couch, coffee table, and sage-colored armchair are my lounge, my den, my parlor, my every-meal table, my workspace, my reading corner and more.

Tomatoes, bananas, clementines, eggs, sausage, salmon, quinoa, hummus, dried seaweed, spinach, serrano peppers, sea salt, olive oil, coconut oil…maybe the occasional bag of rice chips, tortillas or snacking chocolate.

A horizon with fewer entertainment options floating in and obscuring the sun. Minimal TV, more passionate music, occasional podcasts, news 2 times a week or sometimes not at all. My appetite for pop culture is largely null, but if I chance across it with friends I’ll appreciate it with them.

Becoming the duchess of silence, not all of the time, but often to hear my real thoughts.

Not overstaying my welcome in any one day. There’s always tomorrow. Get good sleep.

Looking at my hands. They work and I see them grow.

Walking to school. Leaving an hour early. I like a slow march into the day, not a boot camp hustle.

*Thank you for checking out this page. This is an ongoing list. Please reach out, shake my virtual hand and ask anything about minimalism*

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